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 Palmers green thai massage

Palmers green thai massage

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Palmers green thai massage

Thai massage is one of the popular in Thailand massage way, with active joints is given priority to, said of the acupuncture points, different from the Chinese massage.Easy to learn, moderate difficulty, strong practicability.Thai massage is very pay attention to the stretch of back, waist, massage from the toes start in operation until the end of the head is a set of actions, from the foot massage in the direction of the heart.Almost covers the press, feel, pull, pull, rub and knead all actions.

Thai massage is kneeling service that alternating movement, soft, hard homogeneous, moderate speed, order.The Thai health care massage after bath, can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical, still can enhance the flexibility of joints, ligaments and vitality, restore normal joint activity function, to promote the body fluid circulation, prevention health care, health and beauty effect.

Thai massage comfort, in addition to the familiar joints, relieve the whole, more become a set of theory of meridians and acupoints press and stretch.Use your fingers,Thai massage Arm, the knees and legs, such as massage each other, and press and extension on the muscles and joints, to balance body, mind and spirit to reply, promote blood circulation, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system operating normally, and the muscle skin metabolism.On a regular basis, to maintain the optimum condition of the human spirit and the flesh.Thai massage is an ancient king royal guests highest etiquette.


  • 1. Point method (pressure)
  • 2. Knead method (get)
  • 3. The method
  • 4. Split knocking method
  • 5. Step method (kneel)
  • 6. Method of movement joints

Press – press
Put your finger, the finger abdomen or the whole hand on one point, gradually increase the pressure gently.Maintain the strength of a few seconds.

Friction rub –
Rub up according to the similar, is a technique to apply guoquan, pressure on larger area, not to stop at a point pressure.Please note that this action is more than just hand the friction surface of the skin, this action is to use hand muscle to massage the skull.

Touch – touch
Let you handle gently glides across the skin, be careful not to pull my hair.

Take – grab
With two to five fingers on each hand, gently squeeze the scalp.Repeat six times in the head to do this action, is slowly increasing.

Pat – pat
Use your fingers gently and rhythmic beat the scalp.”Flower flap” describes the shape of the five fingers, hold open like a flower blooming.

Push – driven
Use your fingers to comb after way used to massage the scalp.This can also be done by massage towel.

Palmers green thai massage

Palmers green thai massage in Palmers Green Acupuncture clinic

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Palmers green thai massage in Palmers Green Acupuncture

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