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At Palmers Green Acupuncture  in Palmers green, all ear candles are made with cotton and 100% pure beeswax. They help remove impurities and avoid the build-up earwax, which can result in complaints such as buzzing, hissing, loss of hearing and a blocked-ear   sensation.

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Ear candle
Also known as incense sticks, detoxification.Ear candle first appeared in ancient Indian tribes to god before purification rituals, the ear candle was burning rice forage grass to purify the intracranial and wax.Now the ear candle is a kind of pure natural beeswax, propolis, st. John’s wort, chamomile, lavender, purple vertebral refined but become.It USES the principle of human facial features each other will light it after inserted into the ear canal, when burning incense stick, produce negative pressure after can remove foreign bodies in the ears, nose, throat, and make the ethmoid sinus, sphenoid sinus, maxillary sinus, frontal sinus and nasal pharynx tube, eustachian tube, lachrymal pipe flow.Make aromatherapy oil quickly spread to the brain, formation of various sorts of signals to the brain to the nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, relax the body and mind or let the three systems is more active, quickly reached discharge poison to raise colour, eliminate fatigue, improving sub-health state.


Can make the mind clear, inspiration keen and relieve the feeling of relaxation, can improve concentration, memory, and the effect of the central nervous, have a balance by intracranial detoxification effect also can moderate to improve nasal disease can make brain pressure to achieve the effect of depth of release.Head the whole drainage detoxification, and promote the face, purification function of the cortex, relax tight pressure comfortable slow headaches, help sleep, balance the symptom such as dizziness, 25 to 30 minutes to let you feel ineffable experience.


  • 1, dizzy
  • 2, nasal congestion
  • 3, tinnitus and excessive earwax
  • 4, insomnia
  • 5, stress, and memory
  • 6, mood swings,
  • 7, within the brain nerve imbalances
  • 8, throat discomfort

Scope of application: outside the workplace, people who work in the dust, to participate in water activities, feel like ear plugs and people who are allergic to wear hearing AIDS, have excessive earwax, commonly used mobile phones.

Contraindications: have the perforation, ear fester, hearing impairment, ear diseases such as bleeding.Pregnant women, menstrual period women, etc.

  • 1. Lie on, head on the pillow.
  • 2. Massage ear, relax.
  • 3. The two towels were placed on the pillow, hair and neck.
  • 4. Put a piece of tin foil 5 inches by 5 inches open a ear candle is fine with the size of a hole.
  • 5. Burning ear candle is a big mouth, then tap the ear candle until a smoke out of an opening the ear candle is small.
  • 6. The ear candle is thinner end in tinfoil hole two inches.
  • 7. Slowly will be inserted into the tin ear candle (smaller opening at the other end) on the ear hole. Put the ear candle from the surface into a 45 degree Angle. Ear candle must be sealed in the ear hole, can ensure that no smoke coming from the ear hole.
  • 8. Larger side ear candle burning left to one and a half inches.
  • 9. Due to the principle of vacuum wax can be sucked out from the ear.
  • 10. In the end, clean residual wax disinfection liquid medicine.

Note: when using aromatic essential oil ear candle, within 24 hours do not swim or bubble put his head into the water immersion, you should use a small cotton on ear 2-3 hours, to keep the warmth of the ear.

  • 1. Is a simple, quick and painless, comfortable, relaxed, gentle folk therapy;
  • 2. After use to enhance the sense of taste and hearing;
  • 3. Can be safely removed extra wax, flush out toxins, keep ear clean, pure and fresh;
  • 4. Reduce tinnitus and ear itching and other symptoms;
  • 5. Relieve headache and dizziness phenomenon;
  • 6. Keep the feeling of pure and fresh and clean ear;
  • 7. Can cause intracranial thermal circulation, increase oxygen energy and invigorate the circulation of qi and promoting blood circulation, smooth every pipe, improve the body to discharge resistance of the outside, the effect of health care, prevention.

Ear candle burning to remove dirt

This is an ancient therapy, the ancients party made initiation ceremony in front of the ear candle method to clean body, to open up the body of the energy center, to purify the spiritual.Wise men understand, is to achieve “ErCong” effect.It is said that this is one of the most popular with the men care programs.
Products: “candle” is no ordinary candles in the ear candle, it is a component is a natural not bleached organic cotton fabric + natural plant sage, chamomile and st. John’s wort.

By using the principle of chimney, ear candle burning smoke, the impurities and toxins out of the ear, let your ear appear blocking phenomenon.

Apply to have tinnitus, migraine, nose symptoms in each.Can improve the respiratory system obstacle, to maintain homeostasis.

A, in front of the ear candle project, beautician otoscopy and require customers to do first
Completing the survey, understand the situation in the ears, such as the amount of dirt accumulation) and
Customers usually condition (such as when talking with others, whether will be listening to
Not clear) to determine whether the ear candle is for treatment or maintenance.
B, the customer side, beautician to clean ears.
C, put a clean tray above the ear, through the ear candle end
Tray and insert it into the ear hole;And then the other end of the ear candle lit, let it burn,
Until the end.Single burning time takes about 40 minutes.

Ear candle burning, will gradually felt ear hole, even chin has a warm
Feeling, but don’t feel hot.Will hear “bit” burning
In the process of combustion, also won’t smell what strange smell.To complete the
Listening to the sound clear, will feel a lot.See tray, ear candle burning
Out of the dirt, amazed.
No need or don’t do this well, spend money on sin by free