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Foot reflexology

at Palmers Green Acupuncture in Palmers green,  Although foot reflexology is sometimes called foot massage, it is more than simple foot massage. Reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems in the body. Foot Reflexology is very relaxing, especially for people who stand on their feet all day or just have tired, achy feet.

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feet reflexology

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The function of foot reflexology
According to the years of clinical experience, “foot reflexology” has the following features:
Promote the blood circulation of smooth.
Dredge the obstacles of human energy circulation pipes.
Promote the part organ function of normal and coordination between each organ system.
The improvement of endocrine balance, system of easing tensions.
Discharge toxins sundry, keep healthy.
Strengthen metabolism, retain green vigor.
Stimulate the cells to produce energy, prevent aging.
Restore degraded organ function, prevent illness.
To avoid, without an injection, take medicine, therapeutic.

Metabolism of the body by the role of, in the purpose to eliminate waste and toxins in the body, including five zang fu, the lymphatic system, large intestine and skin tissue is detoxification of important organs.If these organs dysfunction or reduced, usually can’t see, even can’t feel.

Special structure due to the human body, all organs are nervous connected to the foot, the peripheral nerve blocks, is the so-called reflection area.Clinical experiments have proved that man’s feet merger is the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organs and tissues.When abnormal organs or glands in the body, the foot reflection zone will have become (spot) crystal deposition, each pain points touch response is different, some like sand, some particles, some only a sensation of swelling.When the stimulus, nature also can accelerate eliminate the toxin deposition in tissue around and waste, thereby achieving the effect of curative effect, which is now referred to in the medical (medical), using stimulate the regeneration of cells, prevent organ recovery and maintain normal function of the therapy.(give or take an injection to take medicine known as the first medicine, physical therapy or ultrasound, far infrared radiation for the second medical).

Foot reflexology is a kind of medical, now more and more brought to the attention of the profession, foot reflexology has the following features:
Promote the blood circulation of smooth.Dredge the obstacles of human energy circulation pipes.Promote the part organ function of normal and coordination between each organ system.The improvement of endocrine balance, system of easing tensions.Discharge toxins sundry, keep healthy.Strengthen metabolism, retain green vigor.Stimulate the cells to produce energy, prevent aging.Restore degraded organ function, prevent illness.To avoid, without an injection, take medicine, therapeutic.

If strength is small, you can borrow two chopsticks thick cylindrical objects or glass ball and so on to help massage effect is more obvious.Every place massage 2 minutes – 5 minutes!Note that after the massage, want to drink the right amount of water!

1. If you want to beauty, to rub in the lungs (or so) and transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, two parts of the massage for 5 minutes, the effect of discharge poison!

2. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., then rubbing under the thumb of the joints and heart place, have the effect of dredging vessels;

3. If you have frequent headaches, cold, etc., then rubbing with thumb on both sides, has deepened the effect of oxygen to the brain;

4. If the cervical vertebra, lumbar back – coccygeal vertebra diseases, then rub in a little under the thumb of the lateral to the feet, and note that is not the instep, also is not sole, the medial part of the foot!Has the effect of main and collateral channels;

5. If the motion sickness, it is often rubbing ring finger and little finger root under 1 cm;

6. If the child anorexia, adult inappetence, knead it according to the figure shown in the part of the stomach;Can enhance the secretion of gastric juice;

7. If after sleeping, shoulder ache, then foot reflexology unknown pointed to root out the outside, may be appropriately expand the scope of rubbing;

8. Kidney is not good, as the kidney, but not big,,,, or hurt the guts!

9. Insomnia.Rub the heel!

10 eyes reflex zones in feet soles, toes toe frontal sinus reflex zone 3 to 2, the day the root of the phalanges.Right eye reflex zones in his left foot, left eye reflex zone on the right foot.Is not limited to a specific point.

11. Rub arch hundreds of times every night will be very good to the body, the foot has a lot of points, what is the specific acupoints commonly are also not too clear, but the overall with the palm rub arch works, prolong life.Try it on.Can tell your family and friends.

12. The feet point many, through the acupuncture point massage, can eliminate fatigue, relieve pressure, treatment of insomnia. Preferable acupoint st 36, lr 3, three vaginal intercourse, etc.Insomnia, if not by foot, by ears can also, the ear hold in hand, the thumb first pinch of hard of hearing of hot, reoccupy forefinger top-down, rub, inner ear at the site of the massage connected below the ears and jaws, the last piece of face (it should be said that the whole facial) pinch of heat.Once in the morning and evening, your spirit!!!!!

13. The foot of the steps as follows: before massage feet or washing feet about 20 minutes of steaming, let the pores at the foot, the foot with a hot towel to wipe clean, parcels, press the left foot first, the order is a foot, foot, foot inside and outside, foot back, foot reflexology of time generally in 30 to 45 minutes

Ok, you try, and must not be too hard oh,, too hard, backfire!!!!!Don’t believe those outside “the pain, the better the results!”

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