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Chinese Cupping At Palmers Green Acupuncture in Palmers green, Chinese Cupping is a therapy in which a negative pressure created through a jar or cup that is applied on local body surface to remove stagnation and promote free flow of Qi and blood, diminishing swelling and pain.

Chinese Cupping is a safe, non-invasive, and an inexpensive technique. It is capable of treating a myriad of conditions, such as cold & flu, upper respiratory infections, and problems of the internal organs.. Recently, cupping has been in the media for muscular pain, bone pain and spasms, particularly on the back and shoulders.

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Chinese cupping therapy

is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, through the negative pressure for the sorption of skin, so as to remove the moisture in the body, what are the benefits, and what are the disadvantages for cupping?


1, Chinese Cupping therapy, it can remove body moisture, cold, through the skin tissue penetration, so as to eliminate pathogens, refresh people’s spirit a lot.

2, because the body meridians, acupuncture points and insides are connected mutually, so by an external attraction, will stimulate the acupuncture point on the surface of the body, and then through the physique meridian, makes the internal organs get corresponding nursing, let a person blood flowing, strengthen physical health.

3, cupping therapy is also to have certain effect to local tissue damage of human body, the symptom such as between the waist dish outstanding, long-term and cupping therapy on a regular basis can relieve pain, relieve symptoms.

4, now, a lot of beauty, thin body shops, also began to research and launch, the cupping therapy is the method to reduce weight.


1, because somebody enjoy the process of cupping,so they cupping oftenly, it’s easy to ruin the skin and get disease, and make the skin bruised.

2, for some patients with inflammation or itself with hemorrhagic disease, cupping therapy is not only the helpless, and even more damaging consequences.

3, After cupping, avoid bathe in short time, take care and not catch a cold, otherwise it’s easy to cause disease, what is more aggravating illness.