At Palmers Green Acupuncture in Palmers green, moxibustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to acupoints. The herbal substance we use is mainly moxa.

Moxa has warming / Yang qualities, it enhance circulation to a particular area and clinically effective for common conditions, such as acute and chronic pain (frozen shoulder, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome ), digestive upset ( diarrhoea, IBS ), women’s disorders and sexual function ( impotence, decreased libido, etc. )

acupuncture moxibustion



Traditional Chinese acupuncture method.Light up moxa pole or moxa stick which is made of moxa leaves. smoked the acupuncture points of human body to achieve the health care, it’s a natural therapy to cure disease.

Moxibustion in ancient times of China, because it have similar mechanism of action and the needles, and the needles have complementary therapy effect, needle and moxibustion with, usually is called acupuncture.Had a profound influence on acupuncture treatment at home and abroad, but said modern acupuncture and moxibustion, most of the time only needle therapy, has been rarely contains the content of moxibustion.
Material is made of moxa, moxibustion moxa thermal stimulation of body surface points or specific parts, by stimulating the activity of the bullishness of disorder of physiological and biochemical function to adjust the human body, so as to achieve a cure, the purpose of preventing disease..

moxibustion acupuncture

Moxibustion is widely used in medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery diseases, especially for mastitis, prostatitis, periarthritis of shoulder, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical spondylosis, diabetes has very good therapeutic effect.
Prevalence of moxibustion, a stems from people for the trust of the traditional Chinese medicine, it is a blessing for the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine;Also because of the characteristics of moxibustion determines its popular, easy to learn, safe and reliable, saving energy, because of the price is low, the material of moxa is not expensive, the method is simple, and no side effects, is pure green therapy, moxibustion became of choice for many people to see the doctor.

moxa sticks